[«faith vs good deeds»]

For the commemoration of St. Ignatius Brianchaninov, April 30/May 13

[«the Church vs 2500 churches»]

Written by Jon E. Braun

Edited by Igumen Alexander (Mileant)



IN CONTEMPORARY CHRISTIANITY there is a heightened awareness of a need for a personal knowledge of Christ. This has been evidenced by such phenomena as the Jesus Movement and charismatic renewal. Most thinking Christians have come to realize something else is needed, the rediscovery of the historic Church.

Often, in heated reaction to dated and dead Protestant liberalism, we have heard evangelical preachers say, «All you need is Jesus!» Such statements often get rave reviews, but just a little thoughtful reflection quickly shows such a simplistic religion to be shallow and unfulfilling. More and more, that kind of reasoning is being tempered with a renewed emphasis on the whole impact of the Incarnation, the coming in the flesh of the Son of God. If all we needed was Jesus, why would Jesus have promised, «I will build My Church…» (Matthew 16:18) ?Читать полностью

[Scripture/Bible vs Tradition]

By Raymond L. Zell

  • The Bible says once someone accepts Christ, he can never lose his salvation. All true Christians have eternal security.
  • The Bible says it is possible to fall away from grace. Even believers can turn away from God and be forever lost in their sins.
  • The Bible says homosexuality is a perversion of God’s moral law and a deviation from natural human behavior.
  • The Bible says homosexuality is morally acceptable, it is a life-style as viable as any «traditional» concept of marriage or family.
  • The Bible says long ago God predestined some men and women to everlasting life, and some to everlasting judgment. We are not free to accept or reject His salvation.
  • The Bible says God Himself does not know who will choose Him. Salvation is a matter of free will. The decision is entirely up to us.
  • The Bible says Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God the Father, sharing fully in His divinity, and indivisibly united with the Holy Trinity.
  • The Bible says Jesus Christ is a created being. He is superior to the angels, but not eternal and not of the same nature as the Father.
  • The Bible says we should no longer use the terms «Father» and «Son» in relation to God. They are merely symbolic and were meant to be replaced with less sexist terminology.

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