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Episcopal Consecration of the New Russian Orthodox Church of Sts Peter & Paul in Regina, SK

Общий снимок после литургии 25 ноября


On the 24-25th of November, the Great Consecration of the Saint Peter and Paul parish took place in Regina, Saskatchewan. Our old parish of Saints Peter and Paul, previously situated near Insinger village, Saskatchewan, was recently relocated to the capital of the same province.

The Rite of the Great Consecration of the church and of the Holy Table in the Altar was performed by the Administrator of the Patriarchal parishes in Canada, His Grace Vladika Job, Bishop of Kashira. His Grace, being helped by a priest and a deacon, also served the very first — Episcopal — Liturgy in the new church. After the Service he addressed the present parishioners and guests with an episcopal word and congratulations. He thanked all the active parishioners, who supported through donations and enthusiastic work the purchase of the new building and its restoration.

In his sermon, His Grace expressed his spiritual joy that another icon-lamp of our Orthodox faith — the Temple of God – has appeared on the vast prairies of Canada. His Grace Bishop Job pointed out that the house of God consists not only of stones and wood, but, first and foremost, of the “living stones” — which is all of us, Christians. Therefore, now, upon the appearance of the external temple, it will become easier for the parishioners to continue working on the creation of the internal Temple of God in their own hearts. Vladika Job noted that “…when we build a temple, the temple also builds us in return: it makes us real Christians, transforms us and makes us become closer to each other, creating thus from us, one strong spiritual family — the real Body of Christ!” His Grace wished the new parishioners to dedicate every Sunday to God and diligently attend, if possible, all Church Services.

The Dean of Serbian Church of Holy Trinity in Regina — Very Reverend Archpriest Radovan Maric — also took part in the celebration. Upon his advice, the Russian parishioners of his church got together, asked for the blessing from His Grace Bishop Job to become an independent parish and to buy a new building for themselves…

Many guests came to Regina to celebrate the Consecration. Among them there was Deacon Victor Kramаrenko from Nickolayevskaya diocese in the Southern Ukraine, the President of the parish committee of the Cathedral Temple of Saint Barbara in Edmonton Roman Lopushinsky with his wife Deanna, and many other guests. The parishioners of the Serbian Church of Holy Trinity shared with the Russian brothers the joy and exultation of this special historical moment.

After the Service, the wonderful dinner as organized by the sisterhood of the parish of Saint Peter and Paul was served. Many speeches followed after the meal with many messages that directly pointed to the Help of the Divine Providence, at the signs and miracles that influenced the decision, made on the 13 of September of this year, to start the process of buying and restoring a new building for the old Russian Patriarchal Parish in Saskatchewan. One example of this extraordinary Divine Help is the fact that the new big ikonostasis in the temple was set up and ready for the unbelievably short period of time.

The parish committee, benefactors and active parishioners were rewarded by the Episcopal Gramota – Certificate of Merit – with a special silver sign — the image of a temple. Due to these people’s arduous efforts it became possible for the old building of the Anglican Church on Montreal Street, 1772, to be converted into an Orthodox style. Archpriest Radovan Maric, on behalf of his Serbian parish, presented to the new Russian Church in Regina a wonderful gift of a Missal on Slavic, Serbian, English and French languages, which had been published by the Serbian diocese in Canada. Matushka Zweta, the wife of the previous Serbian Dean of Holy Trinity Church, presented to the newly consecrated Orthodox Temple a set of splendid Eucharistic vessels. The Secretary of the Patriarchal Parishes in Canada Mr. Roman Lopushinsky presented to the new Temple a magnificent gift of The Icon of Theotokos of Kazan, and also a set of Liturgical Service books, published by the parishes of the Moscow Patriarchate in Canada.


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